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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The CSA is a 19 week partnership between shareholders and the farm.  CSA members commit to a season of produce from the farm by purchasing a share before the harvest season begins.  Once the season begins in late May or early June, you'll receive a variety of the fresh vegetables and herbs harvested each week!  CSA members share the rewards of a great season - and the risks that can come with extreme weather and pests.

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19 weeks of pickups

 June 5-October 20

Members pick up on the same day and location each week.

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Tuesdays in Stratham: 3-7pm

CSA member's house

Hersey Lane

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Tuesdays in Kittery: 2:30-7pm

Maine Meat

7 Wallingford Square

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Thursday in Kittery: 3-6pm

Yoga on the Hill

78 Government Street


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Fridays in North Berwick: 3-6pm

North Berwick Farmers' Market

21 Main Street--Town Hall


Saturdays in Berwick: 7-11am

Orange Circle Farm

184 Blackberry Hill Road

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How does pickup work?

Your vegetables will be pre-packaged each week in a plastic bin.  You will need to bring your own bags to transfer your vegetables into and leave the bin at pickup.  An exchange bin* will be available with a variety of vegetables so that you may trade an item in your bin that you may not be comfortable with for an item that you favor.  This method allows you to customize your share each week. 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate pickups outside of the hours stated above.  If you are unable to pick up your share for any given week, we encourage you to find someone else to pick it up for you.  If you know that no one is coming, please contact the farm at least 24 hours ahead of time so your share doesn't go to waste.

*due to space restrictions, the exchange bin will not be available at the Tuesday pickup at Maine Meat

Splitting a share.

Splitting a share among two households is an option, but we ask that shareholders take the entire weekly share in one visit. Please do not come to pick up your share and take a "partial" or "half" share. Keep in mind that our shares are designed for one household, and the contents can't always be divided equally.  If you decide to split a share, we suggest that you either alternate pick-up weeks (the most popular option), come to pick up your share together, or split the share at home.


A steady supply of fresh veggies each week demands a steady supply of inspiration and support to make the best use of the bounty!  In each week's email newsletter, the farm will provide several timely recipes that correspond to the ingredients you'll likely be receiving that week.  You'll also have access to the farm's Pinterest page that organizes an abundance of recipes by vegetable for easy access to relevant preparation ideas.  In addition, we'll be providing storage tips along the way to maximize the useful life of your vegetables.  And then there's the numerous other interpretations of what to do with the same base ingredients each week provided by you and other CSA members.

As a member of the CSA, you'll be sharing the experience of receiving the same ingredients as all the other members on the Seacoast each week!  An ongoing mission of the farm is to increase the connection between CSA members and take advantage of the common ground that shared food provides.  We'll be aiming to host several events throughout the year that welcome members to the farm to connect with each other and the land where your food is grown.   We've created a Facebook group open to CSA members for the purpose of exchanging recipes, getting assistance with pickup times and sharing stories and images of your kitchen creations.  We're always looking for new ways to connection between members so let us know if you have an idea to share! 

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