The Farm

Orange Circle Farm is a small-scale organic vegetable farm located in Stratham, NH.  Farmer Jeff Benton founded the farm in 2014 after several years working on other farms in the Seacoast region of Maine and New Hampshire.  The farm currently serves the communities of Stratham and Kittery with a CSA program and custom online ordering through the peak growing season (June-November).   Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to stay updated on all the opportunities to make fresh, organic vegetables part of your kitchen.

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The Land

94 Stratham Heights Road consists of 19 acres of which 17 acres were conserved by the Town of Stratham in 2012.   Orange Circle Farm annually rents the primary five-acre field that runs along the northeast edge of the property.  The vegetable garden rotates on only about one acre of the field while the remaining acres are used for cover crops and animal pasture.


The Methods

All vegetables produce on Orange Circle Farm are certified organic by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food.  In addition to those requirements, we refrain from using any types of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides, even OMRI listed products.  Our methods of pest and disease prevention include crop rotation, maintaining a small scale, rotations with animals and more.

Through many sustainable practices, we are constantly aiming to minimize our impact on the planet.  Some of our current practices include rainwater collection, drip irrigation, solar powered fencing and using local leaves collected by our CSA members to help fertilize the garden.  Piece by piece, we're always adding to this list with intentions of becoming less reliant on fossil fuels, nutrients imported from great distances, single-use materials and constant tillage of our soil.

If  you ever have questions about what goes (or doesn't go) into growing your vegetables, please don't hesitate to ask your farmer!


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The Orange Circle

It's difficult for me to pinpoint my attraction to agriculture.  Yes, it includes things like being outside on a nice day, working with my hands, learning more about the natural world and providing my community with nutritious food.  But to me the attraction is deeper than those things.  It's that fleeting feeling at the end of a long day that you can barely remember the beginning of, standing in the middle of the garden and soaking it all in.  The orange circle on the horizon serves as a reminder and a symbol of those special moments.      -Farmer Jeff