2017 Seedlings

Do you love growing summer vegetables in your home garden but have trouble getting it started?  Let us help!  Strong, healthy seedlings are essential to making the most of your time and your limited garden space.   Maximize our already compressed growing season by letting us grow your vegetable seedlings.  We'll have tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, greens, herbs and more available for pickup at our Seedling Sale on May 27-28.  Check the availability on the order form below and pre-order your seedlings to ensure that you get the varieties you prefer.  The deadline to order is April 16.  

Perhaps you haven't completely planned out your garden yet.  You can pre-order some of the seedlings that you know you'll want and then shop around at the seedling sale to fill out the rest of your garden.  

Growing your own food is a joy that's hard to replicate!  Our professionally grown transplants will put you well on your way to enjoying a bountiful summer harvest!

All our seedling varieties will be grown from organic seed* and organic, compost-based potting soil.  We'll be applying for organic certification for our seedlings this year.

*Sun Gold tomato is the only non-organic seed we use.

Pre-order your seedlings to ensure that you get your preferred varieties.  Order deadline is Sunday, April 16.  All seedlings can be picked up during our seedling sale on May 27-28.

Seedling Sale

May 27-28