3rd Annual Seeding Sale

Saturday and Sunday, May 25-26 10am-3pm

Orange Circle Farm

184 Blackberry Hill Rd. Berwick, ME

Growing your own garden is a tough undertaking. Especially here in the Northeast where the warm season is so compressed.

Of course it’s going to take some elbow grease to get your space ready, but that’s only part of the project. You know you want tomatoes (or peppers or herbs) but which varieties?

And where should you get the seed, and the trays, and the potting soil? Should you start your seeds in January, or is April okay?

Let us help!

We grow a lot of seedlings each year for our own market garden! And we’re happy to share our experience and expertise to get your garden off to a strong start!

Each May we offer an abundance of vegetable, herb and flower seedlings to home gardeners. All seeds are organically sourced (unless otherwise noted on the order form) and are grown in an organic medium (Vermont Compost Fort Vee).

We offer varieties that we know to work here in our climate to provide you with the best chance of achieving your gardening bliss this summer!

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