Seedlings For Sale

Let us help you get your home garden off to a great start with an abundant variety of seedlings!  We rely heavily on our transplant production to help the farm make the most of the short New England growing season and are happy to offer them to our community.  Seedlings will be available for purchase at the North Berwick Farmers' Market on Friday May 25 and at our 2nd Annual Seedling Sale on May 26-27!

These little plants are all grown from seed here at the farm using organic, compost-based potting soil from Vermont Compost and organic seeds*.  No additives of any kind are used in their production.

*Sun Gold tomato seeds are not organic


2nd Annual Seedling Sale

May 26-27


Orange Circle Farm: Berwick, ME

Join us for our 2nd Annual Seedling Sale this May!  We're excited to be hosting this event for the first time on our new land in Berwick.  We'll have plenty of vegetable, herb and flower seedlings to give your home garden a boost.  Open to all!

Tomatoes   Peppers   Squash   Cucumbers   Basil   Kale   Parsley   Chives   Lettuce   Eggplant   Marigolds   Thyme   Sunflowers   Cilantro    Chard    Cosmos    Calendula    Zinnias  and more!  



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