Flower CSA

If you've never brought fresh flowers into your home on a regular basis, you'll be blown away by the joy they add to everyday life!

Each week, you’ll receive a mixed bouquet mindfully composed to express the best of what the season has to offer!

Enjoy 10 weeks of beauty and color in the height of summer.

Expect sunflowers, zinnia, lilies and dahlias as the focal flowers, with a brilliant array of smaller blooms, greenery and grasses to fill out your bouquet.

You’ll recognize some garden stand-bys, and you’ll be introduced to new favorites in every shade and scent.

10 weeks: July 9 to September 13

Cost: $150

UPDATE: The 2019 Flower CSA has sold out and is no longer accepting members.

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Pickup Options

Tuesdays in Berwick at Orange Circle Farm: 2-7pm

Tuesdays in Kittery at Maine Meat: 2:30-7pm

Thursdays in Berwick at Orange Circle Farm: 2:30-7pm

Thursdays in Kittery at Yoga on the Hill studio: 3-6pm

Fridays in Kittery at Yoga on the Hill studio: 8-11am

Fridays in Berwick at Orange Circle Farm: 2-7pm

Other Flower Offerings

In addition to the flower CSA, we will offer buckets of flowers for your own design work, creative pursuits or events.

In the Spring, early season bouquets (tulips, stock, snapdragons and more) will be available and announced weekly for pick up.

If you are a local florist, and are interested in our fresh, local blooms, please be in touch.

For inquiries, contact Erin Ehlers at

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